Transforming Your Inner and Outer Self Successfully When Your in Over Your Head

Transforming Your Inner and Outer Self Successfully When Your in Over Your Head

Are you a Goat Or a Tiger?

Consider the Oriental fable about the little tiger orphaned immediately after birth, raised by a friendly herd of goats. The little tiger played with the goat kids, drank milk from the nanny goat, and slept secure in the goat’s cave. Quite naturally, the little fellow came to think of himself as a goat. He did his best to bleat like a goat. He tried to cultivate a taste for grass and paper, but something inside didn’t always feel quite right. Have you ever felt like this when you’ve approached changing your behaviors and habits when it comes to your inner and outer self? Could it be that maybe it does not align with your true values and beliefs in life? You might want to search a little deeper and find out why by asking the right kinds of questions especially when it comes to your health and fitness long term goals and sustainable outcomes.

One day a huge Bengal tiger came bounding into the clearing where the little tiger was playing with the goats. As the tiger roared, the goats ran for cover. The little tiger was the only “goat” who didn’t race away. Instead, he felt strangley drawn to the huge, magnificent creature. Do you ever feel like this when you first set out for your health and fitness transformations, programs, or New year goals? You feel big, bold, courageous, and have an I can do mentality right. Then what? Read on about this brave little tiger.

The big tiger led the little fellow down the hill to a nearby river and urged him to take a close look at his reflection in the water. Whenever he had looked in the water before, he had seen his reflection as an odd – looking goat, because that was what he expected to see. But now he saw his reflection differently, as a tiger. When people lose weight for the first time sometimes they can’t handle it because they havn’t excepted the new image of themselve from the inside out and they don’t know how to accept it. I have watched this so many times in my career over the years how people yo-yo and self- sabatoge their hard work and efforts. It is truely a matter of the inner work period! Keep reading to learn more about the little tiger.

The big tiger let out a tree- shaking roar. “Why don’t you roar like that?” ” Never tried,” thought the little tiger. He sat back on his haunches like a big tiger did, took a deep breath, and tried to roar. To his surprise he felt a rumble deep within his stomach. It grew stronger. He opened his mouth wide and the most amazing roar came out, cascading over the the jungle. From that day forward he knew he could never be a goat again. I know change is so scary at times and most of us don’t want to really change we are attached to our ways, thoughts, behaviors, and habits, but for those of us who are still searching for the right answers keep reading.

You can be tiger, not a goat. A lion, not a mouse. Your big self, not your small self. You may have never tried to roar, and that’s all their is to it. If you feel you are in over your head, you probably aren’t. You’ve probably just never tried going their before. Most people have more talent and ability than they give themselves credit for. Go ahead and throw back your head and roar as loudly as you can. You’ll probably surprise yourself! I believe in you even if you feel you really are in over your head literally. Have a healthy, happy, and prosperous day!

References: Dr. Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S.

By, Natalie Pyles

Health and Fitness Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Welleness Coach, Author, & NSA Speaker

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