Our Emotional Dependence on Trust

Two Ideas of Emotional Dependence: Anxiety as Opposed to Trust

It is said that Confucius said that mankind required three things: food, weapons, and trust. Whenever all three are unable to be held, then they need to be relinquished in this sequence: first weaponry, then food, and then trust. Trust, he said, must never be abandoned because without it “we cannot stand”.

However, Italian philosopher Machiavelli could not agree. He stated that men are unable to meet the responsibilities of love and trust, since they are such “wretched” creatures. They will betray it each and every time if it goes against their interests. In the place of trust, dread of consequences is truly what will not fail you.

Trust Not even An Option

All data in, it seems that Confucius had the greater knowledge. Machiavelli’s thoughts have definitely not gone without much controversy over time.

Emotional dependence is without a doubt part of everyday living. Without having trust, we could not live. German sociologist Niklas Luhmann considered that that devoid of trust, none of us would even bother to get out of bed every day.

As a consequence of this most people are inclined toward being trusting creatures. We take for granted that nobody is likely to shoot us when ever we step out our front door and that our jets, train locomotives, and elevators will be correctly cared for and so they will not malfunction and harm us. Although these elements aren’t 100% sure, we don’t have enough time to be able to check all of them out. This would certainly make living impossible.

Enlightening Hope

Trust is without a doubt risking in a managed sort of way and it helps us cope with the uncertainty associated with our existence. It allows us to keep moving forwards in hope and self-assurance by simply highlighting possibilities which we would not even contemplate otherwise.

Only Because They Say It

We require trust to confront the unknown. Considering we simply cannot know everything, a lot of our choices are actually dependent on strong and even blind trust in what others reveal to us. Because of this, emotional dependence shapes a lot of our world view. Our comprehending of daily life is based primarily on trust.

Altruistic or Egotistic?

With the rather legitimate possibility that other people may well be earning our trust to take advantage of us, why do we nevertheless trust? Excluding trust we could never get people to work with us or to interact. And so trusting really isn’t all together altruistic. Sometimes our trusting can be a little bit egocentric.

A Better World

Trust meshes hand in glove with teamwork and affection and, in time, generates a far better world. Thus created, it is both potent and durable. Trust breeds trust, and those who do benefit from much better associations. These people tend to be much less agitated, aggressive, and bitter. They are usually more able to forgive a betrayal of trust.

The Only Thing That Is Effective

Trust, not unlike love, is constuctive instead of destructive. Emotional dependence establishes human relationships and cultures and helps prevent strife and warfare. Mistrust launches fear and destroys itself.

Trust, like love, would seem inadequate yet it is the only thing that works. It is its own defense.

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Living With OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, does this sound familiar? You feel fine then suddenly, it’s happening again, you know that its wrong but you can’t stop it.

You wake each day with fear, knowing that soon, you’re ridiculous habits will start.

Have I turned off the lights, is the stove on, have I locked the doors.

You will keep going back and checking and rechecking, you know everything is ok, you can see that, but still you have to check. OCD, it makes you late, it annoys your family.

What started off being quite amusing to the people close to you, has now become very irritating. This presents more fear, will I lose them, do they think I am going mad.

Later the thoughts start to enter your head, repulsive as they are, they seem so real.

Again this leads to fear that you will actually carry out the horrors in your head.

You are sick, you try to remember when all this started. As a child and teenager you remember starting to double check light switches. You thought that your parents constantly telling you to make sure you turn off the lights had caused this. Then you started to have weird thoughts about hurting people you were close to. Fortunately, the many distractions you have when growing up, took your attention away from these problems. You have never even heard of OCD. Now you find these irrational habits and thoughts are taking over your life. If only you could put an end to this nightmare.

What is wrong with me? Why do I keep behaving like this?

Years of research by a former sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, lead him to the following -

“OCD is a symptom of anxiety disorder. The amygdala (a small organ in the brain) causes inappropriate anxiety, which fuels the obsessions and compulsions experienced by the sufferer.

As with all anxiety conditions, treatments in the form of medication will, at best, only ‘mask’ the symptoms of OCD. The underlying anxiety that causes OCD cannot be cured by drugs, as it is a behavioural condition, ‘learned’ by the amygdala.”

This former OCD sufferer, who also suffered from other anxiety disorders, had tried all the recommended treatments and medications without any success. He had to find the cure for anxiety disorder and he did. He cured himself and now he wants to help others. So far he has cured over 135,000 sufferers who used his guaranteed method.

By believing and accepting what this former sufferer has to say, you are well on your way to finding the permanent cure for your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD is not an illness it is a learned behavioural condition. It is a symptom of anxiety disorder. To cure OCD you need to learn how to stop the inappropriate high anxiety which is causing it. You can do this without having to undergo therapy or take any form of medication. By using this method you cure yourself in the privacy of your own home.

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How Can I Cure My Panic Attacks?

If you have ever experienced or even talked to someone that has suffered a panic attack, you must know that the fact that it can be quite unpredictable and take place almost anywhere and anytime makes it an unnerving condition for the sufferer.

Panic attacks are disruptive and affect one’s ability to socialize due to the sporadic irrational state one is in. Things and situations that are virtually harmless and appear so to everyone else can trigger a ferocious panic attack that can push someone into social withdrawal due to the embarrassment.

However, despite the obviously unreasonable fear, panic attacks must be taken seriously and managed because they can eventually lead to a real heart attack. The good news is that one can always find a cure for panic attacks that works for them.

The cause of a panic attack is in effect a vicious cycle especially after someone experiences the first one. This is because subsequent attacks are born from the fear of having to endure another panic attack. It becomes a fear of succumbing to an attack in the presence of people you hold and that hold you in high regard with the irrational fear that all this will change once they see you in that state.

But panic attacks can also be triggered by certain emotional conditions such as after events that cause a heightened level of stress and anxiety. Panic attack sufferers often simultaneously demonstrate an above average fear of failure.

Once the attack starts to set in, the symptoms exhibited will vary but will often include profuse sweating, an increase in the rate that the heart beats, a rise in body temperature, asphyxiation, a fear of dying and a fear of going insane.

However, sometimes the panic attack victim will not in reality, have some of the physical symptoms but will be hallucinating and imagining that they do. The emotional turmoil leads to fatalistic and negative emotions such as sadness, pessimism and even anger.

The first step to take in the cure for panic attacks is stress management. Now, stress is obviously a part and parcel of daily life and it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate or run away from situations that lead to stress. What is therefore needed is a way of dealing with and minimizing its effect.

One way is to establish the root cause of the stress and see whether there is a way to deal with the root cause in order to reduce the risk of stressful situations happening.

In addition, one must avoid dwelling and thinking about circumstances that can trigger a panic attack. Spending time socializing with relatives and friends is one way you can achieve this. You can also obtain similar effect when speaking to a therapist with the main difference being that this latter approach will cost you.

Sessions with therapists will involve exercising biofeedback where you verbalize your fears. This works by not only causing relief when you do speak out your anxieties, but helps to bring you to a realization of what the actual triggers of the attacks are.

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Stephen Taylor Anxiety Gone Forever – How To Deal Anxiety Review

We all wanted to be stress free and as cool as possible. No matter what the world gives to us, we still want to be steady and as stress free as possible. But we cannot help sometimes but to become anxious. It can be because of things that are out of our control, out of hand and there is the feeling of helplessness which makes us anxious.

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We must understand that each of us have different coping mechanisms and each of us have different perceptions of anxiety. We need to work hard on to make our lives anxiety free because we all know the effects of having an anxious life. Some have lost their lives due to the anxiety that they are feeling. Have you lost yours too?

If you did lose your self then take it back with the help of Stephen Taylor and his Anxiety Gone Forever eBook. If you are suffering from these symptoms like increased heart rate, nervousness, dizziness, worry and many other signs and symptoms which indicate anxiety disorder or you might be leading into that disorder.

Anxiety disorder is a disorder which only a person suffering from it can only help solve. It is up to the person on how they are able to cope and if they let their selves be consumed by anxiety. Each of us has different coping mechanisms, different views and different approaches but it does not matter. As long as what you are doing is right and what you think is right, you are good to go.

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How To Get Abs At Home – Acai Pure Ultra

Most people think it is impossible to be successful at developing rock hard abs at home. However, the past few years have seen a new trend in bodybuilding at home and it involves a small fruit with several health benefits. If you want to know how to get abs at home, what you need is an effective acai berry supplement. You might laugh at this but once you get to know more about the many benefits that this fruit can bring to your health, you might end up laughing at those who still lock themselves up in the gym just to get ripped bodies.

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Acai berry can successfully supplement your bodybuilding efforts. If you want to know an effective way on how to get abs at home, what you need is to get your hands on the right kinds of exercises, a healthy diet, enough rest and sleep, and a good supply of acai berry supplements.

This super fruit has been found to help increase the energy levels of both men and women. Doing so, it can help you do more repetitions so you can have that flat and ripped stomach in no time. It can also boost your immune system to keep you away from the most common types of diseases.

There are many other health benefits associated with this super food that most people think it is a must have if you want to finally see that kind of body you have always dreamed of – on yourself!

It is about time you stop wondering about how to get abs at home successfully. With regular exercise, a well balanced diet, enough rest and sleep, and a health supplement like acai berry, getting ripped at home can always be possible. Start taking this kind of supplement today and feel the difference it can bring to your body.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars – Do it the Correct Way

Getting rid of acne is something we have all had to study from time to time, as acne does not discriminate! We have all fallen victim to a pimple here and a pimple there, unfortunately for some it is far more than that. There are some who suffer the effects acne from childhood into adulthood. However, for all of us, there are basic principles we should follow when getting rid of acne.

For starters, do not touch! Prevent yourself from touching zit prone areas on your body. Some of us touch our faces without even realizing it! For this and many other health reasons, you should wash your hands and wash them frequently. You have oils on your hands that can clog your pores and follicles. Which, you guessed it, can not only create problems, it can worsen ones you already have.

Another basic principle is eating a well balanced diet. This a hotly debated point, but lets face it eating a good balanced diet of fruit, veggies, lean protein and high fiber is good practice for many reasons. Not to mention it is widely believed a diet high fat contributes to bad or oily skin.

Third, cleanse your face daily, and in some cases twice! Avoid soap as body soaps and hand soaps contain ingredients that can clog or irritate your pores. It is best to buy cleansers that are especially made for getting rid of pimples.

Next, if getting rid of acne is your goal then it is imperative that you moisturize. This might seem counterintuitive, and remember I am not saying put oil on your face. If you are using a good moisturizer, then it is oil free and non-comedogenic. You should do this twice daily to keep your skin supple and healthy. Another acne fighting measure is to treat from within. If acne is a persistent problem, then use a supplement that is designed to aid you in getting rid of acne.

Also, change your sheets regularly or often. Your pillowcase harbors the oils from your face and hands. More than anything, if clearing acne is a problem then change your pillowcase, at the very least, several times a week.

Next, remove your make-up every night. I cannot stress enough that you should not sleep in your make-up. This well-known piece of advice is so often ignored, but it is crucial in your quest to clearing acne. Sleeping in your make-up will contribute to acne.

Do not pick, pop or squeeze your zits! You are simply contributing spreading acne, infection and prolonging the time it takes to heal your blackheads and whiteheads. I know it is tempting, but leave them alone. Another aid is to wash your face gently. If you scrub your skin, it only adds to already irritated skin.

Instead, use the pads of your fingers while rubbing in a gentle circular motion. Last, but not least exercise patience. You have to be very, very patient. When clearing acne, you must give yourself time improve.

Getting rid of acne is a life long quest for some, but for most proper, sustained care will provide you with healthy, vibrant skin.

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8 Effective Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety

These 8 relaxation techniques for anxiety are dedicated to all the folks out there desperately searching for a little relief from their panic and anxiety attacks. I have been where you are right now and it’s not fun. But there is hope so read on.

From a Holistic perspective, anxiety and panic attacks should serve as a warning sign that your body, mind and spirit are grossly imbalanced and it is time for you to make some changes to improve your life and nourish your body and brain.

Please do not ignore these warning signs! Begin today making healthy choices and changes that will prevent a “worst case scenario” in the future.

Here are 8 things you do right now to take the edge off and re-balance your body chemistry:

1.EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique): EFT is incredibly simple and super effective. EFT is a series of taps along energy meridians throughout the face and body. Look at anxiety as trapped energy with nowhere to go. EFT breaks up this intense energy allowing you to release it. If you haven’t tried EFT yet, learn it and use it. It WORKS!

2.HAVE A TEMPER TANTRUM: (it’s best to do this when you are alone;-) ). You read that right…..have yourself a bonafide tempter tantrum. Throw yourself on your bed, kick your legs, flail around, wiggle, jiggle, punch your pillow, scream into your pillow at the top of your lungs (you get the picture). This is one of THE best relaxation techniques for stress. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. You just need to cut loose and let it go. IMPORTANT: stay on the soft bed and avoid contact with anything hard than can physically harm your head, hands, feet or body.

3.BREATHE: Sounds simple but it is NOT! As someone who has suffered horribly from anxiety attacks in the past, I know first hand that it is almost impossible to take a deep breath in the middle of the physical pain of a panic attack. But make this your focus. Breathe in deep through your nose and concentrate on filling the lower lobes of your lungs. Then blow out through your mouth, force the breath out until there is nothing left.

4.TAKE A HOT BATH: A toxic mind (full of worry) equals a toxic body. Take a bath and add 1 cup of epsom salt and 1 cup of baking soda added to hot water. This will draw any toxins out of your body through the skin. On a spiritual level, epsom salt and baking soda absorb and clear away any negative energy that may be attached to you. If you do it in the morning, allow yourself some time to take a nap afterward. A hot bath is always excellent for relaxation and stress reduction. Soak for 20-30 with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing.

5.WRITE: Channel your Anxiety into writing. Take some time to examine your fears. What is running through your mind when you have an anxiety attack? What fears trigger the anxiety? Grab a piece of paper and start writing like a maniac. Don’t judge what you are writing, just write down every thought running through your head. Take all your worries and frustrations and put them on paper. If you feel like crying, don’t hold back. Let it go. A good cry is equally as healthy as a good laugh.

6.EAT SOME RAW GREEN VEGGIES: You need oxygen! Go grab some raw broccoli or chomp down a healthy green leaf spinach salad. Raw, green veggies will increase oxygen to your brain and body. Anxiety attacks are a sure sign you are not taking care of yourself in some way or another. It could be what you are eating. Go get some raw green food and eat it.

7.SCREAM WHILE DRIVING: (this one is my personal fav) This is similar to having a temper tantrum. You need to release the pent up energy from your anxiety. The next time you are driving alone in your car, scream at the top of your lungs. Just scream! I found this best to do on the freeway. Look around to see if there are any other cars around, and if not “let ‘er rip”….yell and scream until the intensity is gone. Okay, so it sounds embarrassing. Well, it is! That’s why I don’t do it if there is anyone watching. But! Better to scream and yell in my car by myself than explode at the drop of a hat near my children. Screaming dispels the trapped energy built up inside your mind and body. Just try it the next time you are driving alone and feeling anxious. You will feel the relief.

8.TAKE A WALK: sounds cliché doesn’t it? BUT! Taking a 20 minute walk will release your body’s naturally produced endorphins. These are your “feel good” brain chemicals…this is why you feel so good after a brisk walk, run or work out. You may have to FORCE yourself right now to go take a walk, but get out there and do it. You won’t regret it.

These are all great short term solutions to relieving the panic and anxiety you are experiencing. A great long term solution to your anxiety issues should be to try and meditate on a daily basis. If you have never tried meditating, you need to learn as soon as possible. Daily meditation will most definitely prevent any future episodes and is a great way to start training your mind to relax and balance your body’s chemistry system.

It may be difficult to see anything beyond your racing thoughts and pounding heartbeat right now but assure yourself you are going to be OKAY!

If you have tried everything you can think of with no success, please get in touch with your Doctor a.s.a.p. There may be an underlying health issue causing your anxiety attacks.

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Kay J. Riz is a natural health advocate and meditation enthusiast dedicated to holistic studies and healing through chakra energy balancing. Access her FREE online meditation tool at: howtobalancechakras.com

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What Is The London hypnosis?

The word London hypnosis refers to both a state of mind, techniques that allow the arrival caused this condition, and all the London hypnotherapy techniques that are used with a patient in a state of London hypnosis.

It is an unfortunate tendency to confuse these three meanings. Here we only talk about the first meaning, the state of our mind.
A state of mind
London hypnosis is a state of mind, just as sleep, but different from it. It is therefore a natural phenomenon. This condition can be detected by medical imaging. It is a state in which we find ourselves regularly several times a day at a pace of 90 to 120 min. In this state our brains and minds work differently from the waking state and this allows us to do things impossible to do otherwise. When in this state, we say that we are in a trance or a hypnotic trance.

We sometimes spontaneously enter the hypnotic trance when we watch an interesting movie, when we go jogging, or when we drive on the highway, for example. The hypnotic trance is something completely natural and we know all without knowing anything.
What is NOT London hypnosis
London hypnosis is not sleep. In the light trance used in London hypnotherapy, the subject remains conscious, he hears everything, he understands everything. Even in states deeper than that, the consciousness seems to be there, the unconscious mind is still active, he hears and understands what the therapist says and he can answer and he cannot sleep.

London hypnosis is not relaxation. While the hypnotic state is generally perceived as very pleasant by the one who experiences it is quite possible to enter a trance standing, eyes open, the dentist, or suffering from persistent pain. There is no need to be relaxed or relaxed to enter the trance state, there is nothing common between relaxation and London hypnosis.

The depth of trance

You may consider that there are different levels of “depth” of trance, which can be seen as below:
The light trance in which we remain fully aware of everything that happens. This level of trance is most often used in London hypnotherapy. It is considered that 100% of normal people can enter a light trance.
The medium trance is the one in which our consciousness oscillates between being present and not being there.
The deep trance is where we seem to sleep, but sleep is different. It is considered that about 75% of people can enter a deep trance sometimes after a long apprenticeship.
The depth of trance has no significance for therapy. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to go into deep trance for satisfactory therapeutic work.

Mainly, the trance is experienced as a pleasant moment, a moment of relaxation and rest, and out of trance one feels like after a nap, but it is not obligatory and sometimes the meetings can be stressful and tiring. In general, leaving trance, we need a few minutes to completely return to normal waking state.

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Successful Antiaging Strategies To Fight Memory Loss

Taking antiaging measures into account that maintain your brain and mind healthy are important. A lot of times folks may just think about appearances and problems regarding the skin and face. But naturally we all know, or have heard, about the consequences of aging on the brain and memory. We always seen that you are what you eat, and that truth is becoming more and more more clear. You can do lots to keep your brain in top condition by simply taking good care of the rest of you. We are referring to eating properly, getting satisfactory amounts of exercise and more. One more important factor concerns addressing the high levels of tension in today’s life.Our lives in Western countries obviously contains a tremendous amount of stress, generally speaking. Pressure becomes an problem for people when it is excessive and not properly managed. It’s possible to greatly minimize the effects by means of healthy habits that naturally work to relieve the effects within our bodies. You brain will be a direct beneficiary of this, and needless to say your outward overall look will be as well. Not being able to put effective measures for stress and anxiety into place won’t be a good thing for your mind and memory. Your mind will not have the ability to perform at optimal levels, too.

If you cannot engage in a comprehensive exercise plan, then do something regardless of how small it seems. The effects of doing so on your stress levels will be favorable and help you still if the amount is modest. Believe it or not, but walking on any level can certainly help you out with stress management. If you engage in exercise, then that will serve to increase your blood circulation. The larger your circulation, then the elevated blood flow will produce higher concentations of oxygen to your brain and body cells. Obviously, the positive effect of this on your body is extremely well known. You are attempting to help your overall brain capabilities, including memory, and this is one of the ways to do it.

Quite a few investigations have established the benefit of giving your brain regular workouts, too. Stimulating the brain can be practiced in approaches that are better than others. Your brain will gain greatly when you switch things up and stay away from doing the same thing on a regular basis. You definitely want to keep away from performing the same thing and permitting that to become a habit. You cannot be laid back with this because activities that are too easy for you will not help so much. If you just take a look around, then you will see there are very many approaches and strategies available.

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Tips on Dealing With Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a spontaneous and natural reaction of the body which includes the brain (psychological) and the body (physical).

Anxiety is a mechanism that sets the siren off like an alarm system that turns on when our bodies find out we are about to be injured. In the course of this time, we feel terrified, panicky, our heart rate goes up, our respiration sequence becomes rapid and difficult, our muscles become stiff and we start trembling. We may perhaps feel nauseated and possibly covered in sweat. All of these symptoms are due to the adrenalin rush and other chemical substances (hormones) that are being released by our bodies in stressful situations. That is when we feel the impulse to get prepared for fighting back and defend ourselves or get away from the dangerous situation. This is called the fight or flight response.

Each and every one of us experience anxiety symptoms at one moment or another. People who experience anxiety habitually experience all kinds of predicaments like panic attacks which is a kind of extreme anxiety called panic disorder. Through these types of events people feel like they are going crazy, feel powerless and have no control of the situation. According to Charles Goodstein, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University Langone Medical Center, the classic panic disorder presentation is the patient arriving to the emergency room with chest pain. This is because they are having symptoms of a heart attack; difficulty breathing, sweating, and nausea.

Besides panic disorders, the NIH lists other anxiety disorders as obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social phobia or social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder(GAD).

If you are having anxiety symptoms please try to find medical assistance as quickly as you can. With the proper anxiety management, your anxiety will be under control which means you will be able to sleep and perform better. If you experience severe anxiety, it can be treated! So, go to the Doctor and obtain anxiety treatment without delay if you are not doing something about it.

Other methods to deal with your anxiety disorder is to learn relaxation techniques because they will help you reduce stress by slowing your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, decreasing your breathing, improving concentration, and you will experience a sense of well being.

Exercise will also help you relax. When you start feeling uneasy just go for a short walk and if you are able, you can jog for a short period of time or find another type of activity you enjoy.

Keep in mind, you are not alone because millions of individuals go through these types of disorders. Besides seeking medical help, it is suggested you join a support group because it will help you deal with your circumstances better. Besides, those who are experiencing the same troubles will be able to understand you better.

If you suffer from anxiety please visit this site to get all the help you need.

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Hector Rivera has been in health care over 25 years. Besides working at his regular job 3 days a week, he spends the rest of the time working from home. His websites are Preventing-A-Heart-Attack.com
Few-Home-Business-Ideas.com, MiPuebloNatal.com